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jerk-eh Box - Jerk-eh
Single Big Jerk-eh Box - Jerk-eh
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Big Jerk-eh Box

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Tired of the Jerky available at your local gas station? Want to try new brands and flavours? The Jerk-eh Box is for you.

We created the Jerk-eh Box because Canada is a big place and if you're in British Columbia you don't get to try Jerky from Ontario and vise versa. We search the country for the best Jerky Canada has to offer and deliver it to you.

We spend time curating each box so you get to enjoy different flavours and styles of Jerky. We include information about each product and company.

Each Big box will include at least 3 kinds of Jerky with at least 6 bags that may include different types such a beef, bison, turkey, salmon or different styles such as jerky sticks or traditional. You may find some samples or little extras as well.

Boxes come in 2 sizes and subscription options making it easy for you to choose the right package for you and takes the need to plan out of your hands. Each month or quarter, your new box will arrive complete with new flavors for you to share with your family and friends. And the beautiful thing is that you can stop or pause your subscription at any time by canceling before the end of the month.

Why Jerky?

A flexible and healthy food form you can enjoy in your home, pack it in your lunch or take it on a hike. Easy to pack into small spaces and for a high protein snack on the go! If you have not been a connoisseur of this amazing and simple treat, try the subscription option and join those of us who relish this snack as an amazing versatile treat for people who enjoy good food wherever they are.